Who is Ray?

Before producing this film blog Ray started out in a locally successful music duo in Chicago, after the group ran afoul of the law in a minor misunderstanding Ray fell back on his college education and took a job with Duke and Duke commodities brokers in Philadelphia.  Although Ray made a healthy profit Duke and Duke folded in the frozen orange juice scandal the media dubbed ‘juicegate’.  He moved on from Philly and invested his profits into a moderately successful pest control business in New York.  After the company wound down due to a complex legal battle over an answer to the question ‘are you a god?’ Ray decided the time was right to leave New York behind.

Ray spent the next few years travelling the globe unconfirmed internet rumours state Ray was a CIA operative, this has never been proved or acknowledged by the US Government or Ray himself. What is known is that after this period of travel Ray emerged into high level diplomacy and was along with his friend and associate Emmet Fitz-Hume one of the lead negotiators in talks between the US and USSR which lead to the beginning of the nuclear disarmament process .  The negotiations were highly successful but Ray was again engulfed in scandal when Fitz-Hume’s memoirs of the events revealed negotiations had involved bets on trivial pursuit over brandy and cigars.  When the scandal broke Ray decided the time was ripe for a return to his pest control business in New York, but New York just wasn’t the same 2nd time around.

For some time after this Ray fell off the grid during this time he sustained a serious neck injury while travelling in a suburb of Detroit.  Conspiracy theorists have claimed that Ray being ex-CIA had gone freelance and was trying to organise a trade union of hitmen, the injury occurring in a dispute over said union.

Ray now lives in semi-reclusion in an unknown location producing this film blog in-between long rants about why do Hollywood studios remake perfectly good 80’s movies.  He lives with two cats and a husky, his favourite food is Chinese and his all-time favourite song is Soulfinger by the Bar-Kays.  Despite several promising romances Ray has remained single partly due to his heavy and varied work load but mainly due to being a fictional character.

This blog was produced with the last of the petty cash.

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