30 Years Ago Ferris Bueller Skipped School

Last year saw one of the 1980’s greatest movies Back to the Future celebrate a number of real and fictional 30 year anniversaries, indeed it was impossible to miss it on social media ‘the day Marty arrived in the future’.

Well on June 5th this year another 30th anniversary went largely unnoticed on social media, yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the day Ferris Bueller skipped school and took a day off.  Putting aside how old that makes me feel, it also recalls how I longed to be Ferris Bueller but in reality knew I was more Cameron Frye, as most of us are.  In our younger lives we have all known a ‘Ferris’ the guy who’s just to cool for school who everything just seems to work out for popular, funny and the pretiest girl in school is his girlfriend.  That was the case with all John Hughes movies it didn’t matter where you were from you could identify with the characters the cool kid, the jock, the nerd or the princess.


Now looking back, they represent a time and attitude, almost a gung-ho optimism in the capitalist and commercial 80’s.  It’s rare the main character of a Hughes movie will come from anything other than a well off middle American back ground, living in relative affluence after all Ferris main worry is he got a computer not a car for his birthday!  But still we get caught up in their lives and Hughes will hit us with a small quiet moment such as in the bombast of Ferris Bueller’s wild day a quiet moment Ferris admits that his future with his best friend is “We’ll have the summer, he’ll work and I’ll work and then we’ll go to different colleges and that will be pretty much it” a sad thought.

Anyway I will come back to Bueller and John Hughes some other time now I’ll leave you with Ferris greatest moment and of course Cameron’s after all not everyone can be Ferris Bueller some of us have to be Cameron Frye.  Remember people “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”


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