Noirvember – Five Favourite Film Noirs

At the start of this month Turner Classic Movies begun their ‘Noirvember’ season and have been showing some true noir greats from the classic American Noir era, this has sent me scurrying back to my movie collection to dig out my favourite film noirs.  Noir is such a hard genre if it is even a genre to define but for the purposes of this list I have stuck to movies in the classic noir period roughly early 1940’s to mid 1950’s. I’ll no doubt come back at a later date to include different eras, neo-noir and other related types but here are my five favourite classic noirs recommended to anyone new to the genre:

Double Indemnity – If you wanted to define noir in one movie or perhaps even in one monologue it would be Double Indemnity you’d choose.

“Yes, I killed him. I killed him for money – and a woman – and I didn’t get the money and I didn’t get the woman. Pretty, isn’t it? ”

It’s the story of insurance salesman Walter Neff who trying to sell an insurance policy meets the glamorous and devious Mrs Dietrichson.  When the two get involved can they get away with murder and cashing in her husband’s insurance policy?  The movie uses Neff’s confession to his friend and boss as a framing device to bookend the movie and its Neff who provides the voice over as we see his tale through to the bitter end.    But just what drove Neff to do it?

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Ray Has Relocated

Ray’s movie blog has been quiet for a while, this has been for a number of reasons firstly this blog was really a test did I want to blog and why did I want to blog?
The answer to the first is yes I have found it a good way to get thoughts from my head onto if not paper then the digital storage that is wordpress, for the second I would like to improve my writing skills and like anything else improving is a matter of practice, practice, followed by some more practice. Looking back my posts have been of mixed quality but some are better than others, now reviewing them in hindsight I can see where they could be better and will be better in the future, so for now I shall continue to blog as Ray’s Movie Blog.

Ray’s movie blog has also relocated physical location to a cottage adjacent to a sheep field in a rural location and found itself with limited internet connectivity which has been the case since mid July and continued through October. But now with boxes unpacked, cat in situ and a laughably labelled high speed internet connection (upload 0.5mbps!) web connection the time to blog again is here.

Anyway from the news I hear out here in the sticks not much has happened in the UK or US since July anyway…………