Ray Has Relocated

Ray’s movie blog has been quiet for a while, this has been for a number of reasons firstly this blog was really a test did I want to blog and why did I want to blog?
The answer to the first is yes I have found it a good way to get thoughts from my head onto if not paper then the digital storage that is wordpress, for the second I would like to improve my writing skills and like anything else improving is a matter of practice, practice, followed by some more practice. Looking back my posts have been of mixed quality but some are better than others, now reviewing them in hindsight I can see where they could be better and will be better in the future, so for now I shall continue to blog as Ray’s Movie Blog.

Ray’s movie blog has also relocated physical location to a cottage adjacent to a sheep field in a rural location and found itself with limited internet connectivity which has been the case since mid July and continued through October. But now with boxes unpacked, cat in situ and a laughably labelled high speed internet connection (upload 0.5mbps!) web connection the time to blog again is here.

Anyway from the news I hear out here in the sticks not much has happened in the UK or US since July anyway…………


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