Weird Movie of the Week: Amerigeddon

Have you ever clicked through, a b-movie website or some other corner of the internet and by chance find a bizarre movie or oddity and all you can think is why would this movie exist?  These are those movies….

Anyone remember Starship Troopers the crazy sci-fi action flick from Paul Verhoeven?  Well in 1997 it was a pretty decent action movie with some young stars that people thought would be staring in future films.  Whatever happened to Dina Meyer for example?

Well in 2016 she is staring in Amerigeddon directed by Chuck Norris eldest son which according to IMDB is “A dire warning of a wakeup call of what might be our future when a globalist terrorist organization aligned with the United Nations disables the United States power grid and institutes Martial Law. It will take a dedicated family of patriots armed with strong survival skills and the remains of the Second Amendment to save America and reclaim its freedom”


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