30 Years Ago Ferris Bueller Skipped School

Last year saw one of the 1980’s greatest movies Back to the Future celebrate a number of real and fictional 30 year anniversaries, indeed it was impossible to miss it on social media ‘the day Marty arrived in the future’.

Well on June 5th this year another 30th anniversary went largely unnoticed on social media, yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the day Ferris Bueller skipped school and took a day off.  Putting aside how old that makes me feel, it also recalls how I longed to be Ferris Bueller but in reality knew I was more Cameron Frye, as most of us are.  In our younger lives we have all known a ‘Ferris’ the guy who’s just to cool for school who everything just seems to work out for popular, funny and the pretiest girl in school is his girlfriend.  That was the case with all John Hughes movies it didn’t matter where you were from you could identify with the characters the cool kid, the jock, the nerd or the princess.


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There can be only one introduction

I will start by saying I love film, the movies, the flicks or whatever you want to call it.

There’s a magic there an escape into another world or a shock that will give you a new perspective and an influence that perhaps we don’t even realise be it the thrills and spills of Hitchcock, the crass 1980’s machismo of Arnie, the Parisian cool of Godard or the snappy wise ass dialogue of Tarantino.

But do you know what my favourite movie ever is?


For those who have never seen it Highlander is an action / fantasy film from 1986, the story revolves around a number of immortals who can only be killed if their head is cut from their body.  Down the centuries they fight one another for ‘the prize’, Connor MacLeod is one such immortal born in Scotland in the 16th Century now living in modern day New York.

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