In Case You Missed It: Sneakers

So many films are released every year it’s impossible to see them all, some films don’t get picked up for repeat on the TV or find a promoted spot on a streaming service with that in mind did you ever see Sneakers?

From the early 90’s Sneakers is a mostly light-hearted conspiracy/heist movie with a stellar cast featuring Robert Redford, Sidney Poitier, Dan Akroyd, David Strathairn, Mary McDonnell, River Phoenix and Ben Kingsley.  Just a look at the ensemble cast makes this worth a look, the movie takes elements from the paranoia thrillers of the 70’s and it’s not difficult to imagine Redford’s character being a follow on from Condor in 3 Days of the Condor, however this is much lighter in tone than those films.


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Old Movie Review – Phantom Lady

Every now and then I like to review a movie that doesn’t get much attention these days.

A classic noir style thriller while featuring actors not widely remembered today The Phantom Lady features some great performances and an unusually strong female lead character.  The style of the movie is noir but it doesn’t necessarily fulfil all the requirements to be noir it lacks some of the darker aspects but it certainly shows some of the dark psychology of a killer.

The story involves husband Scott Henderson played by Alan Curtis who after an argument with his wife storms out for a night in a bar, while there he meets a lady on her own and they decide to attend the theatre the lady’s only proviso no names.  On returning he finds his wife murdered but his alibi fails to hold up when no one in the night spots they visited remembers the phantom lady was she there at all?  Convicted only his secretary Carol ‘Kansas’ Richman played by the gorgeous Ella Raines can save him.


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Old Movie Review – Journey Into Fear

Every now and then I like to review a movie that doesn’t get much attention these days.

Released by RKO in 1943 this Mercury Theatre Production featuring and regarded to have been part directed by Orson Welles although he always maintained the film remained Norman Foster’s.  I had high hopes for Journey into Fear but despite a talented cast was left disappointed by what is a rather pedestrian thriller.  Joseph Cotton plays a munitions expert sent to Turkey to assist that countries Navy in the ongoing conflict but a company contact encourages him to enjoy a night out and while in a nightclub an attempt is made on his life.  The head of the Turkish secret police bundles him off without his wife or any luggage on a passenger ship but are the other passengers all they seem?


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Old Movie Review – Somewhere in the Night

Every now and then I like to review a movie that doesn’t get much attention these days.

Somewhere in the Night – Often packaged on DVD as that now coolest of genes the ‘Noir’ Somewhere…. really doesn’t fit into this category.  It has elements of the noir such as the difficulty of the returning soldier to fit into society, a sort of femme fatale, psychological trauma but in the end it’s more a straight ahead crime film.


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